UPDATE 05/21/2020

SMOTGO Users. I’m sure the last few days have been stressful. I know it has been for us. Here is the situation. There is something not working correctly with the newer versions of Microsoft’s operating systems, I don’t know if it is a bug, a yet to be discovered virus, or something else, that appears to be affecting them. I tried 5-6 different computers with Microsoft server, including an Azure VPS. The good news, is that it appears that I was able to recover most if not all of the data, and I have got the system operational on a Windows 7 computer at my house. However, as you can imagine a Windows 7 Computer is not going to work well as a server. It also has a number of other limitations.

So here is where we are at. I have a limited version running here hist.smotgo.com It is unable to print any custom reports, like invoice, purchase orders, etc. It is unable to send any emails, and you may run into some other limitations.

The main purpose for this to give you something to use while you look for other shopmanager software options, and to continue to access your previous history.

If you would like a backup of your data, that could be imported into another program if they offer that service, just email me at sdfolley@gmail.com

You can also email me there with any other questions